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What to Look Out For at Gartner IAM

The Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit in Grapevine is now less than 20 days away. More than 1,000 IAM and security leaders will come together for three days to share experiences and learn about IAM best practices. There’s plenty to look forward to and, in this blog, I’ve outlined what I’m personally looking forward to most.

Oort will have a booth (#603) where we will be showcasing some new identity security capabilities, and you can meet with us for a 15-minute demo or simply a refreshing drink on Monday night.


Five Must-Attend Talks

This week I’ve been planning out my calendar, and It looks like a really awesome lineup of talks. I’d encourage you to check out the full agenda covering six tracks. For what it’s worth, here’s my list of 5 must-attends (in date order):

  • Brian Guthrie, ‘Guidance for Successful IGA Deployments’, Monday 20th, 11 AM. I’m kicking off my week on the topic of IGA. With his deep background in IGA and IAM, I’m really interested in Brian’s perspective on how to most effectively deploy IGA within budget and staying on time.
  • John Watts, ‘A Pragmatic Approach to Implementing a Zero Trust Security Architecture,’ Monday 20th, 12.30 PM. I’ve spoken to many customers who are now starting to implement their Zero Trust strategies, and identity is a fundamental part of that. Few organizations can even conduct a user inventory, one of the critical areas Oort can help.
  • Henrique Teixeira, ‘Avoid the Breach With Identity Threat Detection and Response,’ Tuesday 21st, 10.30 AM.  Since Gartner defined ITDR in 2022, we’ve seen an enormous amount of interest from security leaders. Given that ITDR is one of Oort’s key capabilities, I’m looking forward to learning more about Henrique’s view of this new discipline.
  • Rebecca Archambault, ‘How Identity Gets a Seat at the Grown Up Table’, Wednesday 22nd, 9 AM. I am so happy someone is pushing the topic of creating meaningful metrics/KPIs for an identity program. Many of the IAM teams we work with are looking for the most powerful metrics to report, so I’m sure plenty of folks are looking forward to learning from Rebecca’s perspectives.
  • Mary Ruddy, ‘Identity Fabric — From Here to There,’ Wednesday 22nd, 10.30 AM. Identity is the latest perimeter, and the concept of the “identity fabric” is an excellent way to think about how we secure identities. Mary will share her ten identity fabric principles that should guide IAM decisions.

Learning from Partners and Peers 

One of the best parts of conferences is catching up with partners. In February, we launched our technology ecosystem, which includes the likes of Okta, Microsoft, and Duo. As of this week, we’re also now officially part of the Okta Integration Network (OIN), making it even easier to have Okta as your SSO into Oort. We’re always looking to speak with new partners, so if you want to learn more about Oort, grab some time with us!

Oort is also a channel-friendly company, partnering with the likes of IC Consult. If you want to come and say hello, you can join us for a drink on Monday night. 


Identity Threat Detection and Response

In addition to Henrique’s talk, I expect ITDR to be spoken about at length during the conference. I’m also expecting to see a lot of vendors advertising ITDR capabilities. If you want to hear about Oort’s unique approach, I’d love to meet with you. 

Two important pieces of ITDR often get overlooked: 

  • Response. It’s great to be able to detect different types of identity threats but there must be options for response. If you’re speaking to someone who claims to provide ITDR, make sure they have good response capabilities.
  • Prevention. ITDR is critical, but it’s the last line of defense. How are you reducing your identity attack surface? How many accounts do not have MFA? How many dormant accounts do you have? Do you know how many contractor accounts you have? Taking a more proactive approach will help to avoid account takeovers.

If you’re interested in how ITDR relates to Identity Security, check out a blog I wrote towards the end of last year; Identity security is bigger than just ITDR


3 Ways to Say Hello

If you’re building an identity security program, looking to add ITDR capabilities, or struggling to gain a view of your identities, I’d love to chat. 

See you all in 18 days!

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