Maintain Great IAM Hygiene with Robust Analytics

Identities sprawl across dozens of systems, making it near impossible to find weaknesses. Oort makes it easy to provide user analytics across all your IDPs in one place.

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The Analytics you need for Success

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Build Your Identity Security Program
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Know you need to tackle identity security, but don't know where to start? Oort worked with dozens of practitioners to build this comprehensive guide for mapping where you are today across 11 key capabilities, guidance on how to build the right team, and KPIs to meaure progress.

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Don't Trust Us. We Are a Vendor.

Believe these folks. Our customers are raving fans of Oort and critical to the growth of the platform.

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"Oort gives our team immediate visibility into our identity attack surface and the insights we need to investigate users and take action. The powerful simplicity of the tool and its integrations means we need fewer security analysts to get the job done. With Oort, our security policies are directly tied to technical controls supporting these policies."
Dmitriy Sokolovskiy
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"As an aggregator we’re getting a lot of benefit out of Oort, bringing data in and allowing us to really shorten the time to do what we need to do during an investigation."
Rinki Sethi
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"The nice thing about Oort is that you're literally just clicking on data fields - anyone who can use a spreadsheet can use Oort. Even some of our non-technical folks can understand our identity environment. It's become more than just a security or identity access tool."
Rinki Sethi
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"Any security leader not taking steps to adopt an identity-centric zero trust model is falling behind. Oort has put together a strong team to build products that will help companies adopt the right approach with confidence and speed."
Rinki Sethi