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Identity Threat Detection & Response for Enterprise Security

Identity Threat Detection

Oort’s Identity Security Checks discover vulnerabilities across your entire user population (or a segment of it). Trigger notifications related to behavioral anomalies or best practices or policies not being followed. Easily identify inactive, overactive, overprivileged, or unusual behavior to reduce the attack surface and prevent problems before they happen.

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Top 5 Identity Security Checks

Identity Threat Investigation

Drill down into any of your workforce identities and their corresponding activities with a comprehensive view of each user. By compiling data across sources (e.g. IdP, HRIS, etc.), know who the user is, what their existing access policy allows them to do, and their behavior over time using (or not using) that access.

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Identity Threat Response

Respond to identity threats the right way: by kicking off reviews and remediation in the workflow tools you already use. Open tickets, ask managers, and proactively reach out to users who will be impacted by the response. Delegate IAM hygiene across the business to enforce least privilege while maintaining business agility and unlocking new efficiencies.

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Find it. Fix it. Fast.

Oort detects identity threats across IdP, HRIS, and SaaS sources. Save time and effort by connecting your existing workflow tools to open access reviews or service tickets with your team directly from Oort.

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Oort Integrations Cloud

Connect your existing ecosystem

Oort correlates identity and access policy information across sources and connects with existing operational tools and business workflows.

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Get a map for identity gaps.

Empower your security and IT teams with a platform that automatically cleans up identity gaps across disparate sources, eliminates misconfigurations, and continuously monitors for security risks. Establish and maintain a security presence that scales with your IAM footprint, saving time for your teams and reducing risk for your business.

Use Cases

Is your IAM a mess? Sort it with Oort.

Good identity hygiene and rigorous policy enforcement are critical capabilities for any organization seeking regulatory compliance or a zero trust architecture. However, the typical enterprise has a disparate set of places where identity and access policies are defined, making it difficult to maintain visibility and control across sources. Oort sits above enterprise IdP and SaaS, giving you a unified view of your identity universe and the power of automation to remediate these risks (and many others) at scale.

Identities and access policies are dispersed across multiple sources and it’s challenging to cross reference across environments to build a complete picture

The process of managing joiners, leavers and movers is a headache for almost every organization, and most have not designed their workflows for least-privilege access

Inconsistencies across silos of data about identities and their activities are often ignored by teams due to the level of effort required to clean them up


"Recent cyber attacks have shown we need a fresh approach to managing identity sprawl for our digital ecosystems. The way Oort is tackling this problem, with a modern identity automation platform, is the right way and I’m excited to see the product evolve."

Dan Bowden

CISO at Sentara Health
C100 Top CISO recipient


"Matt and team are solving the challenges of distributed identity management and zero-trust access in unique ways that are perfectly suited to what the market needs right now."

John Kindervag

Creator of “Zero Trust”
SVP of Strategy at ON2IT
ex-Field CTO at Palo Alto


"It’s complicated to manage identities and access across sources, and it’s impractical to try and piece together an identity-centric zero trust framework with existing tools."

Rinki Sethi

CSIO at Twitter


"Technology teams need innovative identity and access tools to protect their digital assets and deliver business results faster. Oort has been focused on the right business problem from the start."

Jun Chen

VP of Security at Glassdoor


"Any security leader not taking steps to adopt an identity-centric zero trust model is falling behind. Oort has put together a strong team to build products that will help companies adopt the right approach with confidence and speed."

Tom Parker

CISO at Kayak

See and secure all your identities, fast.

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