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Weekly Release Notes: Week 14, 2024

User Overview User Integration Updates 

We are continually working to enhance the user experience on the User360 profile by ensuring all pertinent information is readily available. In this release, we are introducing an updated approach to displaying ‘Active’ versus ‘Deprovisioned’ user integrations.  ‘Active’ user integrations now appear at the top, followed by ‘Deprovisioned’ user integrations displayed collapsed at the bottom. This encompasses user integrations with the statuses such as deleted and deprovisioned. This update offers a cleaner and more organized presentation of integrations, preventing clutter on the User360 profile. 



Duo Event Streaming  

In this release, we’ve introduced the ‘Event Streaming’ tab within the Duo integration settings. Now, when you visit the integration settings for your Duo integration, you’ll notice a new ‘Event Streaming’ tab. This tab enables you to see a ‘read-only’ view of whether or not you have ‘Event Streaming’ enabled for Duo. It is important to note that you cannot modify the event streaming settings within the Cisco Identity Intelligence platform. To enable or disable these settings, you’ll need to access the Duo dashboard, provided you have the necessary permissions.


New Duo Webhook Authorization Type 

In this release, we are introducing a new Webhook Authorization type for Duo. When you go to set up a new webhook notification target you will now see ‘Duo Security Client’ as an Authorization type. Selecting ‘Duo Security Client’ will display a dropdown for you to choose which Duo instance the target will be set up as.  



Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements

  • Global Search updates. When utilizing global search for logins with and ‘@’ sign, it is now case-insensitive
  • Bounced emails from Weekly Digest. We are now automatically unsubscribing bounced emails from weekly digest emails.
  • Auto add the AND operator. When you select the ‘advanced’ button for a query, you will now also see the AND operator added automatically.
  • Remediation process failure. We fixed an issue where when a remediation is triggered there was no indication of what source failed. In the system logs, you will now see each remediation running as a standalone with separate events records if you have multiple sources. 


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