The Crucial Role of an Identity Security Leader

As organizations face increasing threats to their digital assets, the need for a comprehensive and robust identity security program has become paramount. To effectively address the challenges associated with identity security, many companies have recognized the importance of having a dedicated identity security leader. In this blog, we will explore the emergence of a Chief Identity Officer, the reasons why an identity security leader is essential, the key responsibilities they undertake in people, process, and technology, and the likely candidates for this role.

This blog is taken from our Blueprint for Building an Identity Security Program guide.

The Emergence of a Chief Identity Officer

In recent years, the idea of appointing a Chief Identity Officer has gained prominence. This role represents a strategic shift towards acknowledging the criticality of identity security as a distinct discipline. While the responsibilities of a Chief Identity Office may vary across organizations, their primary focus lies in overseeing the entire identity security program. By providing leadership and guidance, the Chief Identity Officer ensures that all aspects of identity security are effectively addressed, bridging the gap between business objectives and security requirements.

While the role of chief identity officer has gained some traction, most organizations aren’t ready to appoint someone to this position. It is far more likely that an existing team member, or the CISO themselves will take ownership of the program while their organization works to build their identity security program.

Why an Identity Security Leader is Needed

The need for an identity security leader stems largely from the need to have a dedicated focus on the people, process, and technology decisions around identity. Appointing a leader is especially important when considering the gap that exists today between the identity and access management (IAM) team and the security team.  An identity security leader brings expertise and specialized knowledge to protect the organization's digital identities, providing a proactive approach to identifying vulnerabilities, mitigating risks, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

The Role of an Identity Security Leader: People, Process, and Technology

People: An identity security leader plays a crucial role in defining roles and responsibilities within the organization. They collaborate with various stakeholders, including the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), human resources, IT teams, and business units, to establish roles and responsibilities for the identity security program. 

While every organization looks different, we’ve created an index and associated RASCI (Responsible, Accountable, Supporting, Consulted, Informed) matrix of a “typical” identity security program team. This includes the IAM Team reporting to the CIO, and the security team reporting to the CISO. 

Process: One of the key responsibilities of an identity security leader is to own the processes that facilitate seamless coordination between different teams. They establish and enforce clear processes related to identity management, access control, user provisioning, authentication, hygiene maintenance, and identity threat detection and response. By streamlining and standardizing these processes, the identity security leader ensures consistency, efficiency, and compliance throughout the organization.

Technology: An identity security leader drives the internal negotiation for budget to be allocated towards identity security tooling. They take ownership of selecting appropriate technologies and solutions that align with the organization's specific needs. They define the implementation strategies and set success criteria to evaluate the effectiveness of these technologies in safeguarding digital identities.

Common Candidates for Identity Security Leader

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO): In many organizations, the CISO takes on the responsibility of the identity security leader. With their extensive knowledge of cybersecurity, risk management, and overall security strategy, the CISO is well-positioned to oversee the identity security program.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) Manager: IAM managers possess in-depth knowledge of identity-related technologies and processes. Their expertise in managing user access, authentication, and entitlements makes them strong candidates for assuming the role of an identity security leader.

Security Operations Center (SOC) Manager: SOC managers have a comprehensive understanding of the organization's security infrastructure and incident response procedures. Their experience in monitoring and mitigating security incidents can translate well into leading identity security initiatives.


As organizations recognize the critical importance of identity security, the role of an identity security leader has emerged as a necessity. By taking ownership of people, process, and technology, the identity security leader strengthens the organization's defenses, ensures compliance, and safeguards digital identities. Whether it is the CISO, IAM manager, or SOC manager, the common candidates for this role bring specialized expertise and a holistic approach to protect the organization's valuable digital assets. With an identity security leader at the helm, organizations can confidently navigate the evolving threat landscape and mitigate risks associated with identity-related vulnerabilities.

Oort’s Identity Security Platform

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