Weekly Release Notes: Week 42, 2023

With the continued targeting of support teams, we’re making it even easier for IT Help Desk teams to verify users’ identities. Read on to find out more!

📳 Send Push Verification to Okta Users

Several weeks ago we released the ability to generate push notifications from our User 360 profiles. This action enables IT help desk teams to verify they are speaking with the user in question. Given the increased number of attacks targeting support teams, we’ve decided to extend this capability.

In this release, we are excited to extend the compatibility to Okta. In the User 360 profile, under “Actions” you will see an option to “Send push verification”. Here you will see details about the associated device(s) with the applicable integration. Once this push verification is sent, you will be able to navigate to the System Logs to observe the response and verify the user confirmed the push notification. 

If there are multiple devices associated with that user in the given identity provider, you will be able to select one of those devices to send the push verification. Furthermore, if the user sits in both Duo and Okta, you will be able to toggle between different identity providers.

To enable this, the Okta service account and API token used for the integration will need the Help Desk role.


⚙️Test Notification Targets within Check Settings

We’ve recently focused on providing additional notification channels to ensure that you can effectively respond to users that fail checks. This includes Instant Messaging (Slack, Teams), email, ticketing systems, and webhooks. Testing of these notification targets was previously performed in the Integrations section. 

In this release, we’ve added the ability to test the notification targets within the Check Settings page, enabling you to test notifications for a specific check, save time and let you test things for more complex workflows (for example if you are using webhook payloads to drive a conditional workflow in your IdP or SOAR).



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