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Weekly Release Notes: Week 17, 2024

User Linkage Suggestions 

This week, we’re excited to introduce User linkage Suggestions within Cisco Identity Intelligence, adding another layer of visibility for our users. We’ve observed instances where a user may possess multiple accounts, possibly losing visibility into activity on various accounts. To give more visibility into those accounts, we are providing suggestions of accounts that can be linked.  


 When you visit the ‘Users tab’, you’ll notice a new ‘Link Tips’ icon next to the ‘Download’ icon. Clicking on the ‘Link Tips’ icon will reveal the suggested accounts for linkage. These suggestions are generated based upon users that have the same employee IDs or usernames. Upon review, you’ll have three options: Link, Reject, or Skip for now. Choosing ‘Link’ will create a link between the selected user profile, ‘Reject’ removes the suggestion, and the system will not suggest linking the user again, and ‘Skip for now’ postpones the suggestion for 30 days.  


Another way to use ‘User Linkage Suggestions’ is directly within the User360 profile for a specific user. If a suggestion is present, a banner will appear at the top, offering the option to review or dismiss the suggestions. Dismissing the banner clears it for the current session while selecting ‘Review’ prompts a pop-up box to review the suggestions.  
Additionally, you can scroll down to the ‘Linked Users’ table at the bottom of the User360 profile. Clicking ‘Link Tips’ here will also display suggested accounts for potential linkage. 



Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements

  • Ipinfo location. Bug fix for ipinfo location on the New Country for Tenant Check. You will now see ipinfo location information when looking at the raw data for the New Country for Tenant Check.  
  • Duo hostname validation. Now within the Duo integration, the hostname will be validated to ensure the format of the hostname is correct.  
  • Extend check explainability for event-based checks. We now have check explainability for Azure on event-based checks to show app and user information.
  • Azure Factors Status. Fixes around statuses for ‘Microsoft Authentication App’ that now show ‘Pending’ when the factor is not registered actively by the user. 

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