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Weekly Release Notes: Week 18, 2024

Duo SSO Logging Improvements 

We’re committed to enhancing the visibility of data sourced from Duo. In this week's release, we are now displaying Duo SSO log events in the UI. Now, within the user activity tab on the User360 profile, you’ll find data with the SSO event tag and Duo Source.  

Duo SSO Logging Improvements

Upon clicking on the event, you’ll notice the explainability drawer appearing on the right, in line with what you see throughout the platform. This allows you to access ‘Event Attributes’ such as ‘IP Address’, ‘Application’, ‘Location’ data, and more. Furthermore, the ‘Raw Data’ tab offers a deeper dive into the event details such as ‘Access Device’, First Factor’ used, ‘Second Factor used, etc. This will give you the insight needed to investigate the event if needed and take the appropriate next steps should it be deemed necessary. 


Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements

  • Local time tooltips. You will now see local time tooltips across the platform when hovering over dates.  
  • Activity Flow expanding. Now you have the ability to expand the Activity flow widget to full screen.  
  • PIM admin filtering. We are now including PIM admins as admins in the platform. So if you filter by Admins or Administrator of ‘Entra’ on the user tab, PIM admins will also be populated.
  • Alternative Keyboard Shortcut. We now support alternative keyboard shortcuts for autocomplete suggestions when querying even when you have multiple languages set up on your keyboard.  
  • Failed a Check tag. You will now see a ‘Failed a Check’ tag on the activity tab of the user 360 profile. This indicates that the specific event has failed a check in the past.  
  • Duo Passwordless Factor Detection. You will now see Platform authentication displayed in the Authentication Factors list for a user to better accurately depict how Duo is representing WebAuthn credentials.

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Duo SSO Logging Improvements 

We’re committed to enhancing the visibility of data sourced from Duo.true

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