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Weekly Release Notes: Week 45, 2023

There have been plenty of exciting releases to get excited about over the last year. However, this is particularly exciting and my personal favorite.

🔎Oort Bot for Slack 

Many of you already use Slack or Teams to send failing user notifications for different checks. However, we have a new app – Oort Bot for Slack – that goes even further. This app places vital context at your fingertips. 


If you navigate to the “Home” tab of the app, you will see four lookup options:

  1. 1. Get all users using an IP. Look up an IP address to see all users who have attempted to sign in from the same IP address
  2. 2. Get remediation history for a user. All remediation actions associated with a user.
  3. 3. Get network information for a user. Lookup a user to see associated IP addresses. 
  4. 4. Get factors information for a user. All factors associated with a user, including if they are active or not.
  5. image1-Nov-20-2023-12-02-56-3012-PM

    If you want to benefit from these cool new lookups, you will need to update your Slack App from within the Oort dashboard. Go to Integrations - Instant Messaging and you will see an “Update” button.


📱View Factors Associated with Each Device

Last week, we were excited to release the new devices tab with User 360 profiles. ICYMI, this gives you rich context into every device associated with every identity. Since we released it, we’ve already had some great feedback of even more context you’d like to see. 

In this release, we’ve included another section on the factors associated with each device. Of course, any given device may have multiple factors associated with it; some stronger than others. In the example below you can see a user’s phone has three (active) factors registered: Duo Push, Duo Mobile, and SMS.

To access this information, simply click on the specific device and navigate to the “Factors” tab of the side drawer.

If there’s anything else you’d like to see here, let us know!


Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements

- Policy Rule Collection for Okta Identity Engine (OIE). We have added a new data type to the Okta integration. For customers using OIE, policy rules are not available through the “policy” data type. Instead, we’ve introduced a new data type “Policy Rules” to ensure that you don’t miss out from our policy-related checks. These checks include the “Session Length Compliance” check.  

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