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Oort Unveils Dashboard, Providing A Single Pane of Glass for Identities

The new dashboard helps security and IAM teams to overcome data silos, track their identity population, and identify emerging trends.


BOSTON, MA - Mar. 14, 2023 - Oort, provider of identity-centric enterprise security, today releases a new dashboard for organizations to see a unified view of all their identities. This is the only comprehensive view of an organization's workforce, identity posture, and identity threats.

According to One Identity, 96% of businesses use multiple identity tools, and almost half use at least 25 different systems. Current identity security programs fall short because there is no centralized way to manage identities across disparate identity platforms. 

“The first step for any identity security program is understanding the identity population. Unfortunately, this fundamental type of visibility often proves elusive,” says Oort’s VP of Product, Nicolas Dard. 

Last month, Oort released the inaugural State of Identity Security for 2023. The report discovered that most companies do not know how many identities they manage. The average company, for example, finds that 24% of all their identities are inactive accounts. Worse still, over 40% of accounts have no strong form of MFA enabled. 

With Oort’s new Identity Security Dashboard, teams can easily view this information for their organization. The dashboard helps IAM and security teams to track metrics for key areas of identity security, such as MFA rollout, attempted logins, inactive accounts, and unused applications. 

Beyond displaying the current state of identity security, the dashboard displays trends from the previous week and the previous month. This helps identify emerging issues and focus on resolving the most critical ones. 

Crucially, this dashboard will help make identity security accessible to senior leadership. “We’re seeing a wave of interest from senior security leaders, who need a view of identity security that they can easily understand,” Dard said. “We hope this dashboard will help to push the importance of having an identity security program.”

About Oort

Oort is an identity-centric enterprise security platform. As a turnkey solution for Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR), Oort is providing immediate value to security teams by working with existing sources of identity to enable comprehensive identity attack surface management in minutes. Led by a team with decades of domain expertise across identity, networking, and security, Oort is backed by venture capital investors including Energy Impact Partners, .406 Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, Cisco Investments and others. Market-leading technology companies, like Collibra and Avid Technology, rely on Oort to provide full visibility into their identity populations. To learn more, please visit oort.io.  

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