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Building an Effective Identity Security Program: A Comprehensive Handbook

Oort publishes first edition "Blueprint for Building an Identity Security Program" handbook aimed at helping identity practitioners build successful programs to reduce their attack surface and interrupt active identity-based threats. 


BOSTON, MA - May. 02, 2023 -  Oort, a leading provider of identity-centric enterprise security, has announced the publication of its first edition "Blueprint for Building an Identity Security Program" handbook. 

In today's remote work and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) era, organizations are well aware of the persistent trend that highlights the criticality of identity security. The recently published 2023 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report reaffirms this reality, revealing that a significant 49% of breaches involve the exploitation of credentials. It is evident that attackers are capitalizing on weaknesses and gaps in Identity and Access Management (IAM) security to gain unauthorized access to accounts. 

Despite this widely recognized trend, organizations still struggle to comprehend the necessary steps for establishing an effective identity security program. To address this prevalent challenge, we have curated the expertise of industry-leading professionals in a comprehensive handbook. This invaluable resource aims to provide practical guidance, enabling organizations to align their goals, build robust capabilities, and achieve key outcomes in the realm of identity security.

Why This Handbook Was Written

Identity security plays a crucial role in protecting companies from cyber threats. With the growing adoption of remote work and reliance on SaaS applications, the need for robust identity security measures has become more significant than ever. Unfortunately, many organizations lack a clear understanding of the requirements for an effective identity security program. This handbook has been meticulously crafted to bridge that knowledge gap, offering insights and actionable advice from some of the best minds in the field.

What to Expect

Within this handbook, readers will find valuable guidance on the most critical areas of identity security. From user management to access management, authentication, and identity threat detection and response, we cover the essential components of an effective program. Readers will gain a deeper understanding of the best practices and recommended processes for securing their organization's identities.

Furthermore, this handbook addresses the business drivers for investing in identity security. It highlights how a robust identity security program can aid in breach prevention, improving compliance, managing third-party risk, enhancing operational efficiency, and ultimately boosting employee satisfaction.

What's Included

  • Mapping Identity Controls to Security Frameworks: Understand how to align your identity security program with established security frameworks, such as NIST Cyber Security Framework, CIS Critical Security Controls, and Mitre ATT&CK for a comprehensive approach.
  • Roles and Responsibilities: Define clear accountabilities and understand who should be involved in implementing and maintaining an effective identity security program.
  • Best Practices and Recommended Process: Discover practical strategies and processes to implement for enhanced identity security.
  • Create Response Playbooks and Robust Incident Response Plans: Gain insights into developing response playbooks and establishing incident response plans to effectively handle identity security incidents and mitigate potential damages.
  • Suggested KPIs and Metrics: Learn about key performance indicators and metrics to track the success and effectiveness of your identity security program, while communicating value to business stakeholders.

Download a Copy Today

Building an effective identity security program is a vital undertaking for organizations today. This handbook serves as your go-to resource for practical guidance, expert advice, and actionable strategies. By downloading this comprehensive guide, you will gain invaluable insights into better identify, protect, detect and respond to identity threats.

Take the first step towards bolstering your organization's identity security.

To access the complete 'Building an Identity Security Program' handbook, visit: https://oort.io/hubfs/Reports/IdentitySecurityProgramBlueprint.pdf

About Oort

Oort is an identity-centric enterprise security platform. As a turnkey solution for Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR), Oort is providing immediate value to security teams by working with existing sources of identity to enable comprehensive identity attack surface management in minutes. Led by a team with decades of domain expertise across identity, networking, and security, Oort is backed by venture capital investors including Energy Impact Partners, .406 Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, Cisco Investments and others. Market-leading technology companies, like Collibra and Avid Technology, rely on Oort to provide full visibility into their identity populations. To learn more, please visit oort.io.  


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