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Oort Joins Forces with Microsoft Intelligent Security Association to Bring Visibility into Unmanaged Devices

Today I am delighted to announce that Oort is officially a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA). Oort was nominated by the Microsoft team as a new member for their new integration with Microsoft Intune, which I’ll describe in more detail below. 

Being a MISA member means that we’ll be closer than ever to Microsoft, enabling us to better create solutions to solve customer problems. With our close collaboration with Microsoft, we’re able to have better access to Microsoft resources that helps with troubleshooting issues, which means that our customers can resolve issues more quickly. Similarly, when we’re building new capabilities, we can ensure that we’re maximizing the power of Microsoft’s APIs to build the most robust and deepest integrations. 

Visibility into Unmanaged Devices

By integrating with Intune, you can get a better understanding of unmanaged device access. This is important for three main reasons:

Bring your own Device (BYOD) Programs. Many organizations are trying to define their BYOD policies, which have had to become increasingly lenient in the world of remote work. Oort provides you with a view of which devices are gaining access and which of these are unmanaged. In the words of Lee Sullivan, Security Architect at Monster Worldwide, "Oort helps us start to identify unmanaged devices, to see what’s out there, and understand our landscape. These insights ultimately enable us to accelerate our BYOD program".

Security Frameworks. Frameworks like the CIS Critical Security Controls, which has Safeguard 1.2 that requires “a process to address unauthorized assets on a weekly basis.”

Zero Trust Strategies. Some organizations have unsuccessfully attempted to implement a ZT strategy in previous years and need additional sources and capabilities to achieve this. Ensuring that unmanaged devices do not have unnecessary access is a critical component of this strategy.


Building Deep Integrations

Aaron Weismann, CISO of Main Line Health said, “Oort’s integration with Intune and other Microsoft products give Main Line Health low-noise insights into identity threats. We can also see MFA adoption rates and other identity weaknesses that help us take a proactive approach to identity security. Overall, the Oort experience is fantastic."

Over the past year, Oort working increasingly closely with Microsoft. For example, Oort integrates with Azure Active Directory to pull in a vast amount of data, including users, groups, MFA events, and risk events. We’re continually expanding this collection and adding new types, to ensure our integration is as deep as possible. The Oort identity security platform then correlates this information with other identity sources within an enterprise to provide a complete picture of the user behavior and highlight any anomalous activity or identity risks. This can be consumed from within Oort’s SaaS portal, or via integrations like Microsoft Sentinel.

By integrating now with Intune, Oort provides visibility into devices. Oort identifies users who are still logging in from unmanaged devices, making it possible to identify and deprecate unmanaged device access when the organization is fully ready. You can see an example “Unmanaged Device Access” check below.


When combined with other sources (such as Azure AD) provides Oort’s integration with Intune provides security teams with the visibility they cannot get anywhere else. 


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Are you curious to see how you can combine Oort and Microsoft? View our listing on the Azure Marketplace and get in touch to arrange a demonstration of the Oort Identity Security Platform.

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