Identity and Access Management and Oort Explained

Empower your enterprise IAM team with instant identity security and analytics.


See your whole identity program in one place.

Connect your identity provider(s) and human resources systems to bring all of your identities into a normalized, organized view. See and search users, sources, activities, status, demographics and more for easy orientation and navigation through your identity data.



Investigate users with total clarity.

Remove confusion about any identity’s sources and relationships. Get total clarity into how individual identities are behaving, where they are logging in from, what they are accessing, their status, success rates, and more.


Take action the right way, right away.

Remediate identity threats with thoughtful actions that recognize their potential impact on employee access and productivity. Inquire with users or their manager and open tickets for access policy adjustments or status changes directly from the Oort dashboard.


IAM Team’s Favorite Capabilities

Users List // Filters // Group Memberships

Drill down into specific cohorts of users from all angles. Search and filter by Ticket Status, Admin Rights, User Status, Group Membership, Application Access, and more.

Stop wasting time splicing together different data streams to get a complete view and of your IAM program and identity security.
Clean up your identity security posture fast with Oort.

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