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Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Identity Threat Detection & Response for Enterprise Security


Ace the audit with low-lift access reviews.

Make access reviews a part of normal business operations instead of an all-out scramble at the time of audit. Check in directly with users or their manager and confirm account status, applicable controls, authentication behavior, and more.


Maintain posture for the policy police.

Prevent large cohorts of identities from tanking your compliance efforts due to low visibility and poor attribution. Maintain strong security posture with Identity Security Checks and alerting for multi-factor authentication (MFA), inactive users, coss-system discrepancies, immortal sessions, and other mission critical compliance controls.


Take control of identity compliance.

Eliminate compliance threats caused by identity blindness and sprawl. Reign in identity sources with comprehensive coverage of every identity in your organization across identity providers and HR systems.


GRC Team’s Favorite Capabilities

Access Reviews In Slack // Identity Security Checks // Audit Logs

Track how your compliance is trending in rolling 7 and 30-day windows. See how your organization complies with critical controls for the presence and strength of the MFA on their accounts. Know immediately which accounts haven’t been used in 30+ days, and which identities can remain logged in indefinitely with impunity. Enforce MFA configuration, shut down unused accounts, and update policies quickly and easily with workflow integrations into Slack, Microsoft Teams, and ServiceNow.

Save hours on access reviews and evidence collection with continuous compliance for GRC teams
Ace the audit with 100% identity compliance – every time – with Oort.

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