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Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire Oort

Not many know the true story of Oort. We never set out to solve the crisis in Identity Security, at least not at first. Customer obsession led us down this path, away from network security, and toward the biggest problem facing enterprise security teams today: identity.

Over the past two years, we’ve brought our vision into reality. We launched the Oort Identity Security Platform to give IT and Security teams the tools they need to understand and protect their workforce identities. We’ve shown the industry just how Identity Security ought to be done, starting with Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR).

Today, we announce our next chapter as we return to our roots.

I am excited to share that Cisco has announced its intent to acquire Oort.

Cisco commands a massive portfolio in cybersecurity from network and endpoint to cloud and data. Five years ago, Cisco acquired Duo and pulled in one of most loved brands in Identity and Access Management (IAM). Now, with the addition of Oort, we are bringing best-in-class Identity Security technology into the fold.

Identity is fundamental to security. With the advent of XDR, it’s more important than ever to correlate telemetry from IAM systems with signals from EDR and network security. With the rise of Zero Trust Network Access, strong authentication and continuous analytics are the prerequisites to a solid enterprise security architecture. You simply can’t build security without identity.

Combining Cisco resources with our team of IAM experts and the Oort Identity Security Platform, the future is bright. We’ll continue to deliver on easy to use, agentless, multi-source IAM analytics as part of Cisco. But there’s even more ahead. The opportunity to disrupt the security and identity landscape with an altogether new and creative approach is what gets me really excited.

We’re supercharging Oort’s mission to help our customers adopt an identity-first approach to enterprise security.

More to share once the acquisition is complete but I do want to deeply thank our customers, our team, our partners, and our investors for taking us to where we are today. Stay tuned for more to come!

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