Stop Account Takeovers with Oort

Prevent, detect, and respond to identity threats the right way, right away.



Identity Threat Detection & Response for Enterprise Security

Case Studies

Avid: Risk Management & Removing Identity Silo

“Oort was able to give us prioritization into different kinetic alerts that dramatically increased efficiency.”


Collibra: Global Infrastructure & Sophisticated User Population

“We leverage Oort to ensure we are maintaining our compliance around specifically multi-factor authentication.”


Time to Value & Ease of Use

“One of the quick advantages of Oort is that setting up took 60 or 90 minutes.”


Avid: Account Takeover

“Oort is very good at providing proactive alerts so incidents don’t happen. The tool helps you work less when in the middle of an emergency.”


Northeastern University: Limited Security & IT Resources

“The nice thing about Oort is that you're literally just clicking on data fields - anyone who can use a spreadsheet can use Oort.”


Oort Platform

Oort works with your existing identity sources, log stores, and productivity tools to enable comprehensive identity threat detection and response in minutes. The Oort platform is API-driven, cloud-native and agentless for rapid time to value and high scalability.


Get visibility on your Identities

Empower your security and IT teams with a platform that automatically builds an inventory of all your identities and their posture across your IAM stack. Identify weak configurations, discrepancies, and reduce your surface of attack.


Use Cases

 You need an identity security program.

Good identity hygiene and rigorous policy enforcement are critical capabilities for any organization seeking regulatory compliance or a zero trust architecture. However, the typical enterprise has a disparate set of places where identity and access policies are defined.

Disconnected sources of identity

Identities are created and maintained in multiple places: IdP, HR, Instant messaging... The IAM stack is complex and often not in sync. Getting proper visibility over that complexity in a single pane of glass is the first step towards good identity security.

Slow and complicated processes

Maintaining identity and access management systems, monitoring account logs and catching active identity-based threats, collaborating with multiple stakeholders... Keeping an enterprise safe from identity-based threats is complex and time-consuming.

High cost and high risk

Identity-based attacks are now behind the majority of security events. Not building a strong identity security program comes at a huge risk for enterprises.


What People Say About Us

"Oort gives our team immediate visibility into our identity attack surface and the insights we need to investigate users and take action.
The powerful simplicity of the tool and its integrations means we need fewer security analysts to get the job done.
With Oort, our security policies are directly tied to technical controls supporting these policies."
Dmitriy Sokolovskiy
"As an aggregator we’re getting a lot of benefit out of Oort, bringing data in and allowing us to really shorten the time to do what we need to do during an investigation."
Myke Lyons
CISO @ Collibra
"The nice thing about Oort is that you're literally just clicking on data fields - anyone who can use a spreadsheet can use Oort. Even some of our non-technical folks can understand our identity environment. It's become more than just a security or identity access tool."
Harry Hoffman
Associate Vice President and CISO @ Northeastern University
"Any security leader not taking steps to adopt an identity-centric zero trust model is falling behind. Oort has put together a strong team to build products that will help companies adopt the right approach with confidence and speed."
Tom Parker
CISO @ Kayak