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Speed up identity threat investigation and response by 10x.

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Identity Security

Detect identity threats and latent vulnerabilities.

Get alerted on threats hiding in your user base, from MFA configurations and suspicious behavior, to risky IP addresses and orphaned and dormant accounts. Drill down into cohorts with risky security posture and monitor changes over time.


Investigate threats with total confidence.

See the authentication history of any user including factors, sources, locations, and much more. Identify discrepancies and suspicious behaviors that aren’t flagged anywhere else, including unsanctioned browsers, logins from risky IP addresses, and whether anyone has been knocking on your forgotten doors, looking for a way in.


Respond quickly and easily.

Take action on identity threats directly from Oort. Open a ServiceNow ticket or ping users or their manager via Slack, Email, or Teams, to verify status or activity.


SOC Team’s Favorite Capabilities

Identity 360  //  Activity Tab

See all of a user’s activities in one place. The granularity and comprehension of the data makes identity threat investigations faster and more conclusive than using a SIEM or writing custom solutions for multi-system event correlation. Details for every event include Date, Data Source, Location, IP, Applications Accessed, Authentication Outcome, Browser and Operating Systems used, and Raw Log evidence.


Save hours on every threat investigation with a comprehensive solution that brings identity visibility and action into the hands of SOC analysts.

Detect and respond to identity threats fast with Oort.

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