Get actionable alerts and respond to identity threats with Oort Bot for Slack.

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Slack Integration

Respond to identity threats and run access reviews in Slack.

Slack is where your organization communicates, and Oort makes it easy for your security and IT teams to receive notifications, review access, and respond to identity threats in Slack. When you install Oort Bot for Slack, you can:

  • Receive identity threat notifications in specific channels
  • Send Identity Security Check failures to specific channels, users or their manager for review
  • Get notified in Slack when new data is collected or if the collection fails
  • Take action on specific users in your IdP
  • Click right into Oort to investigate identity threats
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Oort Integrations Cloud

Detect and respond to identity threats across all your identity sources.

Oort makes identity threat detection easy and it gets to work right away with your existing IdP, HRIS, and communications tools.

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