Weekly Release Notes: Week 40, 2023

Read on to enjoy this latest week’s Oort product updates!

🪪New User Types for Entra ID and Salesforce

Within the users tab, it’s possible to see all your entire user population in one place. Getting this unified view is cool, but what’s even better is the ability to effortlessly slice this population into different areas of interest. 

One area that is always of particular interest is around user types. Oort’s User Population isn’t just about the internal employees – there’s external accounts, service accounts, and several other types. In this release, we’ve added extra user types for Entra ID and Salesforce. 

  • For Entra ID, you will now see ‘Shared Mailboxes’
  • For Salesforce, you will now see ‘External’ accounts

Enjoy these enhanced filters to ask smart questions of your user population.


🪛Drill Down into the Observations in Checks

An event-based check (those checks that are detected based on event data, versus static entitlements) is composed of various observations made by Oort. In order to make our detections as transparent as possible, we have listed these observations within each failing check in the User 360 profile. 

Soon, you will be able to give feedback at this observation level, too!image2-Oct-10-2023-01-47-31-7183-PMBug Fixes and Minor Improvements

- Failed Integrations Banner.  We have introduced a new banner for failing integrations, which is displayed on the Home and Integrations page. This will be shortened by default, but you can expand the notification banner to find out more about failures in each of the relevant integrations. For additional context, you will be navigated to the System Logs page.

- Weak MFA Checks.  We have fixed a bug that caused us to misidentify Okta users who used Duo to authenticate.

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