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Weekly Release Notes: Week 2, 2023


Oort’s User Detail pages provide you with information about each user, which Oort pulls in from all of your linked identity providers. Having all of this information in one place is helpful for investigating users, understanding their activity, viewing associated applications and groups.  

This week, we’ve been busy working on ways to make it even easier to access some of this data in the Groups and Network sections of the User Detail pages.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Free-Text Search in Groups

Groups are an important part of the identity population, and administrators often use them to assign roles. Unfortunately, the number of groups can quickly get out of control, and it can be difficult to understand which users belong to which groups. 

Oort’s Groups tab, within the User Profile, helps to gain insight into the groups associated with a given user. We often see users with hundreds of groups, which can make it tricky to access the information you need. In this release, we’ve introduced a free text search, enabling you to search across the Group Name and associated applications to narrow down your search.


🌐 ASN Context for Networks Tab

In December, we introduced the Networks tab which displays all active IP addresses associated with a user (including an awesome map view). The data here is incredibly helpful for investigations, as you can immediately see our associated tags and locations.

In this update, we’ve added a “Carrier” column which provides information about the Carrier associated with that IP address. You can also filter the table view by Carrier. Clicking into each result displays detailed ASN information, including ASN domain, name, type, and country. Having all of this information at your fingertips will reduce investigation times. 


Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements

  • File upload. Users will now be prompted to upload the correct file type when uploading files (such as IP CIDR lists). If an upload of the incorrect file is attempted, an error message will appear.

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