Weekly Release Notes: Week 15, 2023

We’re back! The big announcement this week is a major uplift to the Networks section of the User 360 profile, which will make investigations even easier. Read on to learn more!


🌐 Networks Tab

Within the User 360 profile, the Networks tab provides context on IP addresses associated with each user. When you’re responding to an incident or trying to get to the bottom of some anomalous activity, this context is critical. 

Additional context

In this release, we’ve included even more context and made it easier to access the information you need. First, we’ve introduced a date range option so you can filter by a specific time period. 
Second, the table now includes useful information about each IP address, such as:

- Number of Successful events associated to the IP
- Number of Failed events associated to the IP
- Carrier
- Source


Track Activity for Each IP Address

If you click on any IP address on the Networks Tab of the User360 profile, you will be able to access an overview of activity in the last 30 days. This will ensure you have the best possible IP context for your investigations. Context on IP activity is split into two parts:

- Activity Type. All actions performed with this IP address will be displayed, including the number of times and the result. 
- Application. The number of times each application was successfully and unsuccessfully accessed.


Identify Additional Identities Using the Same IP Address

We’ve also made it possible to identify additional users who used the same IP address. To make this easy, we’ve included a column on the far right-hand side that identifies IP addresses with additional associated users. Clicking on these will take you to the User List and show only those users associated with the given IP address. 




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