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With the continued targeting of support teams, we’re making it even easier for IT Help Desk teams to verify users’ identities. Read on to find out more!

Come, gather, and read about all of Oort’s goodness we’re releasing to you this week!

Read on to enjoy this latest week’s Oort product updates!

In this week’s release, we’ve provided numerous shortcuts to save you time when investigating failing users.

In this week’s release, we’ve introduced new workflows to make it even easier to ensure you’re benefiting from the latest capabilities. 

With the rise of phishing-resistant tools like passkeys, securing accounts with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is more effective than ever. However, cybercriminals are targeting the weakest link –...

If you read “Week 37” and panicked that you missed Week 36, fear not! The team was busy onboarding with Cisco, following the official announcement of Cisco’s acquisition of Oort two weeks ago.


This week’s release is all about a new check – Impossible Travel. We’ve been holding off on this one while our data science team has worked their magic to ensure this is an impossible travel...