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Oort: Your Security Layer On Top Of Okta

Okta is a popular identity provider that makes it easy for IT teams to deploy Single Sign-On (SSO) and implement MFA, while speeding up the provisioning of applications and access policies.

Unfortunately, security teams are often left in the dark when it comes to these identities. To get any sort of visibility, security teams have to either ask the IT team for bulky exports or attempt to write detections in the SIEM. Okta, alongside other identity platforms, is a significant blindspot.

According to the 2022 Verizon DBIR, 80% of new attacks are identity based. Therefore, it is critical for security teams to get the visibility they need to reduce identity attack surface and detect identity threats.


Visibility and control over Okta

With Oort, security teams benefit from comprehensive visibility and control over Okta. Oort provides continuous monitoring and visibility into their identity security without expensive scripting, custom rules, or log management.

Oort seamlessly connects to your Okta instance to pull in a vast amount of data on users, groups, applications, and more. Users can integrate additional identity platforms, such as Microsoft Azure AD, to gain even more context to correlate with rich data from Okta. The Oort platform is powered by Snowflake, so customers benefit from limitless historical event storage.

For even deeper insight, users can combine this information with data from other sources, such as Azure AD, Instant Messaging, MFA, and HR systems. Security teams no longer need to be blind to identity risks.

Okta and Oort Integration Overview

Okta and Oort Integration Overview

Power up threat investigations

Oort builds a User 360 profile for every identity in your population. All information about that identity is stored in one place. This includes their role, attempted logins, events, factor usage, login activity, group member, applications, and anomalous activity. 

Because all this information is readily accessible, Oort makes it fast and easy to search users from Okta and drill down into specific users during an investigation, reducing analyst workloads by as much as three hours per event. 

Oort User360 Profile

Oort's User360 Profiles

Unique threat insights

Oort monitors activity, audit logs, and reported suspicious activity from Okta. This is combined with the inherent risk of each user based on how their account is configured and what applications they can access. Data from Okta is correlated with information from other identity providers and IP feeds to provide a comprehensive view of the user. 

This enables security teams to continually identify threats, such as session-hijacking, impersonation, and risky parallel sessions. 

Risky Parallel Sessions

Risky Parallel Sessions

Reduce your identity attack surface

Beyond finding existing threats, Oort helps to proactively reduce your identity attack surface. This includes MFA weaknesses, permission issues, and user inconsistencies. It can be incredibly difficult to extract these insights from Okta, but Oort makes it easy. You can even define workflows in Slack or Teams to message the user in question. For those that prefer to use ticketing or SIEM platforms, we also integrate into Jira, ServiceNow and Azure Sentinel.

By improving cyber hygiene, security teams can significantly reduce opportunities for attackers to exploit vulnerable accounts.

Weak MFA

Weak MFA Used to Successfully Sign In

Configuring Automated Messaging of Impacted Uses

Get in touch

Getting started is incredibly easy: it takes minutes to integrate Okta into your Oort instance. If you think you could benefit from the visibility Oort provides, we’d love to hear from you!

We’re offering a free 30-day trial for you to get your hands on the product and see the insights offered by the Oort platform. Click here to get started: oort.io/demo 

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