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Release Notes: Week 24, 2022

We’ve just gotten back from a whirlwind trip to the […]

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Interview with Nicolas Dard (Oort’s Product Management Leader)

Nicolas Dard, Oort’s Product Management leader, took the time to […]

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Identity is the apex threat vector, so why is identity security still a mess?

The numbers are stunning: over 60% of data breaches are […]

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5 Identity Security Questions Every IAM Leader Needs to Answer

Identity and access management has grown to encompass a number […]

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Interview with Alex “Sasha” Zaslavsky (Oort Data Science Lead)

We sat down with Oort’s Data Science Lead, Alex Zaslavsky, […]

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How to Find Inactive Users

Oort’s Head of Solutions Engineering, Andy Winiarski, takes you on […]

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Release Notes: Week 12, 2022

So much to share this week! Multiple major product updates […]

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Identity Threat Detection and Response: what you need to know

The lines between information technology and cybersecurity have never been […]

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